Tara Folks is a designer accessories brand, founded by Central Saint Martins graduate Zeynep Gürsoy. It offers a collection of contemporary handbags with a Bohemian flavour. There is a wide range of options from leather beltbags to shoulderbags and clutches.

Like a wild horse in nature, Tara represents a wild and free soul that trust her own instinct and runs hard to fulfill her dreams. The brand advocates all you need is to remember your own strength and power to choose and change anything in your life. Tara Folks accessory is your favorite companion to remind you of that, like a star at night leading you to your own magical path. 


Behind The Label

As Tara Folks we give great importance to our environment and try to make conscious choices in every detail to create a positive impact.

Our handbags are meticulously handcrafted and ethically produced in a second generation family owned factory in Istanbul. We purchase our raw materials locally and use a local photo studio for our campaign shoots to keep our carbon foot print low.

We try our best to be sensitive to animal welfare. We select the highest-grade hides come from animals that have been raised for the food industry. We do not use fur or the skins of exotic animals (such as crocodile or lizard).

Tara Folks accessories are all timeless pieces that last generations and we avoid over production.

Our small team is mostly women around the globe because we believe “when women support each other amazing things happen.”

Above all, we love what we do. #livethedayyouwant