Zeynep Gürsoy designs bags and accessories as a concrete expression of herself who is on a self discovery journey in the desire to become a strong and independent woman. Tara Folks is the brand of her designs that she shares with other women on the same journey.

Brand is inspired by Scarlett O’Hara, the protagonist of the cult Hollywood movie “Gone With The Wind (1939)”. Through the movie we witness her growing into a self sufficient woman. Scarlett gets the strength and comfort that she needs from Tara plantation.

Tara Folks portrays a self confident soul. The brand’s traits are plain and elegant. The bags accompany contemporary women in their always on-the-go lifestyle with their functional and practical models. Tara Folks don’t like showing-off, instead they prefer a modest attitude and believe in inner strength. Brand reflects those attributes on the bags through subtle chic details with a meticulous craftmanship, without compromising on the quality.

Tara Folks like to experiment and intend to keep the light of childish ingenuous curiosity. The bags carry solid colors and their juxtaposition in their naive appearance. Sudden bright ornanments, unusual shapes are offered among the brand’s collections.

Zeynep wishes that Tara Folks aspire women to discover their own magic, sense of authenticity and determination.


Zeynep Gürsoy is an accessories designer with a background in industrial engineering. Always interested in production, right after the graduation she has worked for 5 years in their diary manufacturing family business. In the meantime her ongoing yoga practice lead her to decide to dive into the creative industry that opens the gateway to express her ideas. Following her instinct, she applied to Central Saint Martins Design and Art School and completed Applied Imagination in Creative Industry master program. Upon her return to Turkey, she founded her design handbag brand Tara Folks in 2016. Zeynep Gürsoy continues her yoga life as a teacher since 2014.